New I have couple of RA / TA positions, could be turned into PhD positions dependent on satisfactory performance. Contact me for details.

Research Interests

My research interests broadly span three areas and more specifically their intersection: human language, mind/cognition and artificial intelligence. Technically the research area is known as Natural Language Processing (NLP), could be further described as a crossroad of formal Linguistics, machine intelligence and cognitive Science. I have been working on language technologies since last 9 years.

I am always working on many things. I am interested in almost every aspects of NLP as listed below:

  • Sentiment Analysis
    • Sentiment Lexicon Acquisition (Publications)
    • Subjectivity Detection (Publications)
    • Polarity Classification (Publications)
    • Structurization (Publications)
    • Summarization-Visualization-Tracking (Publications)
    • Others (Publication)
  • Social Media Text (Publication)
  • Code-Mixing in Social Media Text (Publication)
  • Human Computer Interaction-Eye Tracking (Publications)
  • Mental Lexicon / Distributional Semantic Network (Publications)
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER) (Publications)
  • Transliteration (Publications)
  • Dependency Parsing (Publications)
  • Information Retrieval (Publications)
  • Natural language Generation / Information Fusion (Publications)
  • Morphology & Stemming (Publication)
  • Chunking and Clause Boundary Identification (Publication)
  • Computational Humor Recognition and Generation (Publication)
  • Crowdsourcing (Publication)
  • Contextual Advertising (Publication)
  • Computational Creativity (Publication)
  • Smart Input Methods (Publication)